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Works just like findComponent but will throw an error if nothing matching the given selector is found. You should use findComponent when searching for an element that may not exist. You should use this method when getting an element that should exist and it will provide a nice error message if that is not the case.

import { mount } from '@vue/test-utils'
import Foo from './Foo.vue'
import Bar from './Bar.vue'

const wrapper = mount(Foo)

// similar to `wrapper.findComponent`.
// `getComponent` will throw an error if an element is not found. `findComponent` will do nothing.
expect(wrapper.getComponent(Bar)) // => gets Bar by component instance
expect(wrapper.getComponent({ name: 'bar' })) // => gets Bar by `name`
expect(wrapper.getComponent({ ref: 'bar' })) // => gets Bar by `ref`

expect(() => wrapper.getComponent({ name: 'does-not-exist' }))
    "Unable to get a component named 'does-not-exist' within: <div>the actual DOM here...</div>"